How We Have Ranked the Dating Sites?

We have ranked dating sites based on their overall user success, satisfaction, their ease of use, and the likelihood that you will find love by using the service. Our team reviews all the latest dating services at Domain, allowing you to quickly decide if each site is worth your perusal so that you can begin planning dates asap.

With our reviews, we strive to provide you with all of the useful details that you may need before choosing which service is right for you. Feel free to contrast our reviews on DatingSeeks, to ensure the online dating platform you choose to create a profile on is the most suited to your needs at any given time.

Our Own Experience

Based on numerous different factors we rank matchmaker services in the United States accordingly, with the main factors taken into consideration being the features available to users, the total number and contents of free services v paid services, the overall cost of membership against the value for money on offer, search functions, and their safety.

The criteria we choose to divide each service are according to the category in which the dating platform falls. The main categories of use that most sites fall into are Personals, Casual, and Matchmaking services. Other popular categories are Niche sites, such as services for singles in Uniform, or erotic online services.

In-Depth Review

Features: Does the site offer all the features you’d come to expect, or are some areas left neglected?

Signing Up: How long is the online application process? Is there a compatibility test available to better match you with like-minded people?

Profile: What is the quality of the profiles that you will find? Are the profiles found online largely blank, or filled with useful information?

Searching and Matching: Can you search for singles online, or are you only permitted to connect with your list of matches, or both? Each dating site is slightly different in this regard, you can search entire sites for their users, and you may only chat with matches on other sites.

Communication: Are you able to connect with those you have an interest in via an instant message for free, or do you have to pay to do so?

Privacy and Safety Features: Are your personal profile details kept safe and secure online on the dating site away from search engines’ results, or may it be freely accessed by those searching for your profile?

Cost: How much does it cost for a monthly, three-monthly, and a yearly subscription for the service?

Real Review: Our personal review of each dating site based on our own findings. This part of the review will help you decide which online service is most suited to you.

FAQ’s: We include frequently asked questions in all our reviews, which enable you to see any common service issues.