About DatingSeeks

DatingSeeks helps you to find the best online dating for your needs. We work constantly to improve our site and build better tools and filters in order to make finding the right dating site easier for you. We offer transparent reviews and allow users to leave their experiences. Since we believe in freedom of speech, we don’t sensor anything out.

Affiliate Disclaimer Dating Seeks is an affiliation website which means that we do not offer any dating sites ourselves. We receive compensation when someone sign ups through our website.

What Makes Us Stand Out

One thing: we work differently. Our main objective is to make DatingSeeks a website that users trust completely. When you’re browsing through our pages, you’ll find content that’s been created solely with the reader in mind – not to please the casino sites themselves or search engines. In other words, our team analyses each online dating site in a serious and responsible way, always being honest and direct but in a fun and easy-to-digest manner.

Dating safely

We encourage all to safe dating and aim to work with partners who share our views.