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The Best Dating Sites in the USA

Welcome to the most informative matchmaker review service, enabling you to see all the credentials of any online dating site. If you are looking for a guide giving you all of the useful details you will need before joining one of the top-rated sites, you are in the best place to do so here on with the latest information from the dating experts. Which of the matchmaker services in the United States are the best choices for you and your desires? There is only one way to find out!

 Dating SitePriceBest ForLink
Flirt1 day - $0.99
1 week - $1.28 per day
1 month - $0.92 per day
3 months - $0.67 per day
Casual flirt, dates, and local hookupsVisit
BBWtoDatePremium Dater – Full membership - $0.93 per dayBBWVisit
CitasconLatinas3 Day Trial - $5.99
7 Days - $19.99
1 Month - $29.99
3 Months - $52.49
EbonyFlirt1 Day Trial - £0.99
1 Week Membership- £10.43 (£1.49 per day)
1 Month Membership- £32 (£1.07 per day)
3 Months Membership - £70 (£0.78p per day)
Singles interested in meeting black partnersVisit
eHarmonyPremium Light - 6 Month Duration = £179.40
Premium Plus – 12 Month Duration = £143.40
Premium Extra – 24 Month Duration = £214.80 (Best Value)
Serious relationshipsVisit
EliteSingles3 Months profile- £149.85 (£49.95 per month)
6 Months profile - £239.70 (£34.95 per month)
12 Months profile - £299.40 (£24.95 per month)
Serious relationshipsVisit

What Is Online Dating Sites?

Dating sites are the new primary way to potentially discover the love of your life living in or around your local area, or further afield, without needing to step foot out of the house to do so. With the top online dating sites in 2020, you are sure to have no trouble in finding connections online, at a lower cost, with much less effort than is required to connect with partners face to face in bars and clubs. Online dating services are the best way to chat with a plethora of singles, size up those who are best matched with you before meeting in person. By chatting online beforehand, you enable yourself to only meet those singles you share the highest compatibility with, based on the conversations you’ve shared, or the results you are given in the personality tests on the most fruitful services.

Online dating sites are the new most popular way for singles in 2020 to find love, with 48% of 18-29-year olds have admitted using a dating app often to find partners, with 38% of 38-49-year olds also bridging the gap between face to face dating and connecting online. This shift in trend is largely paving the way for the future of connecting love interests, where online dating is sure to become even more prevalent.

Top 3 Dating Sites for Free Account

Best for FreeFree FeaturesCompatible Devices 
flirt-logo.png3 FREE day trial period
Try it Now!Read Review
ebonyflirt-logo.pngCan be used free of charge. You are not required to upgrade your membership to find partners online
Try it Now!Read Review
bbwtodate-logo.jpgSign up to BBWToDate is free
Try it Now!Read Review

How to Choose the Best Dating Sites?

When looking for online dating services worthy of your membership, there are a few main areas you should take into account before signing up as a member, the first and arguably most important being pricing.

With your application to any online dating site, you have the option, or in some cases, are required to upgrade your subscription before you can use the service. This rings true on the hugely popular sites such as eHarmony and EliteSingles, where you must first complete the compatibility test, then add your credit card details and pay for a membership. Whilst these subscriptions tend to vary in price, you can expect to pay handsomely for the privilege with some yearly memberships surpassing the £200 mark for a so-called top dating site.

The next thing to consider is the overall gender ratio of male to female users on any given page and the number of active users each week. Some services do possess tremendously large members bases; however, they tend not to see as many people online as they once did. Therefore, it is important that you first check online for this vital information, as individual sites will not give you this when you are looking for love.

Once you have established the pricing available and the active members, now comes the time to compare and contrast the features available. Different services provide largely different special features.
Mobile Apps
Besides striving to offer the widest selection of features and add-ons to their service users, dating sites in 2020 need to have a fully functional mobile app that their users love. The app should be available on your preferred device because IOS or Android enables their users to make connections when out and about in the city and access your profile. Whilst each application differs, you will come to expect the app to share the same features as its website counterpart, enabling you to chat with ease, browse and meet partners of a certain type, whilst boasting a warm, welcoming color scheme taking no time to get to grips with.
When searching for the top dating sites in the USA, the next thing to consider is the overall online safety provided to their users. You’d be mistaken to believe that each website takes safety and security as seriously as others, therefore it is vital that you first check over the safety features available before you upload your personal information to your profile.
Search Functions
Some online dating sites, but not all, permit you to search their database for users based on certain characteristics that you are typically attracted to, such as height, location, age, and many more. By offering broad search functions to their users online, users may deviate away from the matches they are recommended by the site and begin to connect with their own dating partners.

How Do Online Dating Sites work?

Online dating sites work primarily by connecting real people online, based on what they are looking for in a partner at any given period. With such an array of different sites claiming to be the best services for their purpose, how will you be sure which website is real and being truthful with their claims?

When using a dating site in the USA, it is important that you are truthful and open with the responses that you give to the questions asked of you. By doing so, you enable each service to connect you with a profile they know you will like. Based on their extensive matchmaking algorithms, a dating service matches you with other users, providing responses that connect well with yours. Whilst each possesses a different matchmaking algorithm, your responses are saved and are used when matches are being formed for you.

You can set certain criteria that have to be met in order to begin a chat online, as well as a host of other things which put you in the driving seat to find love with somebody like you and prevent those who don’t meet your standards from reaching out and trying to connect.

Pros & Cons of Online Dating

Contacting People

Break the online ice with new partners in total comfort at a time that suits you most perfectly. Gone are the days when you feel nervous initiating conversations with new singles; now you can enjoy breaking the ice in any manner you desire.


Thousands of potential partners are online day and night on most dating sites, affording you a huge window regarding when you get online and meet new connections.


With your membership on dating sites, you can usually flirt with multiple partners simultaneously, allowing you to siphon through potentially compatible singles quickly.

Meet Partners Quickly

By becoming a member on , you enable yourself to connect with an array of people for dating, quickly. If you are stuck for plans this evening, you will meet people looking for company with ease.


With your application to online dating sites, your personal information is kept safe and secure for the most part; however, some platforms do not afford you this luxury.

Our Top Advice for Safe and Successful Online Dating

Stay True to Yourself

To meet partners most compatible with you, those ultimately who you envision staying in a relationship with for the long haul, it is vital that you remain true to yourself when chatting and flirting online. Similarly, to face to face dating, you should not compromise with what you are looking for in a partner. If you were to see red flags with a partner in person, you would take steps and remove yourself from the situation. This also rings true with online dating, with such a wide range of potential partners, do not settle for less and never let your expectations of your partner slip.

Build Your Profile

When you are applying to become a dating website member, fill your online profile with as much up-to-date information relating to you and your interests as possible. The more things you add, the more areas potential love interests have to contrast their personality and lifestyle against yours, and you may determine yourself if things would work out in the long run, without needing to get to know a potential partner first.

Online Dating Safety

Take into account the safety features provided by the dating website you choose to sign-up to online. Each service offers varying levels of safety to its members. Your personal information is kept more secure on popular sites such as and eHarmony, (where you have no search functions) compared to sites where you may access their entire members base.

Find Your Love!

All the information we have covered in this online review is designed to help you use dating sites to find love online in the easiest way possible according to your personal circumstances. If you enjoyed this guide of the dating site’s functionalities and what they should provide to their members, check out more of our expert reviews here!